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Yes we have a showroom with Infused Metal Prints Brisbane. Photos on a web page do not do this product justice. below are a couple of links to Photographers who can describe best why to chose to have your photos printed and infused to Metal.


Why are Metal Prints Best

Metal Prints are a great way to finish off your Photography. Your photograph is printed onto a dye sublimation paper and heat infused into a sheet of aluminum. Metal prints are the most Durable being scratch resistant and weather proof. Archival rating more than 150 years.

The vibrancy in the local contrast and overall contrast is Magnificent. Especially prints with strong bright aluminum Yellow content and into the Reds. Almost has a 3D quality images leap off the surface. Gives the illusion of the light coming from behind the print.

Our metal prints come ready to hang. You don’t need to worry about Frames and you don’t need to worry about Glass. On larger prints you can save up to $700 on framing. You can even use Windex to clean them.

Metal prints make a huge visual impact. Great gifts and great conversational starters.

Online Ordering for Metal Prints

We have all of our prices listed online for Metal Prints. Chose the size of your metal Prints. There is a file upload button at the bottom of the page. Pdf and Jpeg files are able to be uploaded. We also have a large file upload section in the top toolbar if your file is larger than 50 meg.

You can then add customer comments and select your shipping method. The first option in the shipping is collect from our Windsor Office

Your metal prints will come ready to hang.


If you are not sure what size metal print is suitable, you can email your file to us and we will give the the dimensions that would suit. Any photo taken on a modern day camera would be of high enough quality.

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