Presentation Folders


Presentation Folder Printing

Presentation Folders Printing

A presentation folder is a printed folder that binds paper and documents. These can be printed with your corporate branding and handed out to our customers during exhibitions, conferences and meetings. A professional alternative to manila folders and ring binders as the Presentation folder not only organised and protects your documents but also sends a strong corporate message. Also know as Corporate folders, they can be used in your sales process as file folders.
ePrint can offer digital Presentation folders within 24 hours and larger runs of Presentation Folders within 3-5 days.
You can take advantage of our design services or download the presentation template to design your own.

Presentation folders come in different shapes and can have different spine thicknesses to allow for more documents. Business card slots are provides in the flaps for insertion.

Holds up to 20 sheets fo A4 paper ( based on 80 gsm.  Pre-scored for easy assembly and can be printed single and double sided. Offset Presentation Folders can also be celloglazed for protection and finish.


Step 1 The SRA3 card is pre-scored, allowing fast and easy construction. All folders come with a self-adhesive pocket which are attatched after printing

Step 2 Using the by-pass tray, we can print on both sides of the Card

Step 3 After printing, we carefully attach the self adhesive pockets to the card and your SRA3 folder is complete.