Self Published Book Printing

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Self Published Book Printing

ePrint specialize in Self Published Book printing.  We provide soft cover options only, up to 350gsm.

Almost any amount of books can be ordered as we print both short and long runs. Select your own printing time frames of either  1, 3 or 5 day options so urgent orders are no problem.

We are located in the suburb of Windsor in Brisbane but can delivery anywhere in Australia. Brisbane customers can also chose to collect. We not only print high quality booklets but also offer budget booklets as well, in A4 and A5 sizes.


Online Self Published Books Ordering

First of all, chose from the icons in our Printing Options section. This will allow you to view self published book prices in addition to choosing your type of booklet, amount of pages, cover options and time frames.


Types of Self Published Books

Perfect Bound Books

Perfect bound books have internal pages heat glued to a wrap around cover as a result up to 232 pages can be bound. We offer this type of booklet in both black and white and colour with both budget and premium to allow for customers budgets.

Budget booklets are printed on 100 gsm while Premium booklets are printed on 150gsm. Thicker covers can be added to improve the quality of each booklet.

A minimum quantity of 10 book allows the set up costs to be divided to keep the cost per book down. However you can request a quote if you require a lower amount of books.

Document Printing and Binding

Printed onto 100 gsm bond allowing for coil, wire and comb binding. This is old school but great for short rung A3 and A4 landscape booklets.

Document Printing and Ring Binders

This type of booklets is printed, hole punched and placed into binders allowing for much larger quantities of sheets. Perfect for construction handover documentation and law documents


Self Published Books Printing Time Frames

Book orders received  today can be printed and ready the next day for collection or courier. Customers can chose a 3 or 5 day time frame resulting in a lower cost.


Cover Design

We have designers employed who can help create your eye catching cover. Please email if you need a price on this.