A-Frame Printing Brisbane

Our A-Frame signs or Sandwich Boards are printed in Brisbane. Made from materials that are resistant to all weather conditions. A-Frames can be strategically positioned to attract the attention of your potential customers.

Every business can benefit from placing an A frame in the front of their shop or office.


Types of A-Frames

Core flute insert A-Frames – This a frame has a steel frame and printed core flute signs are inserted into it. This is one of the best a frames because it allows for advertising changes. Advertising is only effective when it is new to your customer. Old advertising becomes invisible to them. Core flutes can be removed and kept for re advertising at a later date. This makes them perfect for Specials, Seasonal or new products. You can purchase additional core flute inserts at any time. Sizes for this product are 600 x 900mm or 900 x 1200mm

Colour bond A-Frames – This a-frame has a steel frame and a printed colourbond sheet is added to both sides. It is slightly heavier than the core flute product and thus will handle a higher wind rating.

A-Frame Options

Both Black Board and White Board options are now available. If you have the artistic flare you can chose to cover your a frame with black board or whiteboard. Again this allows you to change your graphics at a low cost.

Our new whiteboard sticker allows us to print and will allow you to add your own graphics with whit board markers. We will expect to see many of these whiteboards springing up around Brisbane.

Time Frame for A-Frames

If your artwork it ready to go, your A Frames can be ready within 1-2 days. We also have designers on staff who can create your artwork for you. Customers can order online at any time and Brisbane customers can also chose to collect their A-Frames when complete.